Cornstalks for Sale

Although HIll Creek Farms is first and foremost an apple orchard and farmer’s market, we grow a few rows of ornamental corn stalks, cutting them down and drying them in time to complement your Halloween and Thanksgiving seasonal decor. Autumn of course is the season of the harvest, and we will happily help you reflect that in your home with lovely organic reminders of our farm, from cornstalks to gourds of varying sizes to hay, which is a nice touch of nature for your holiday decorations. 

To ensure that we offer you the best ornamental corn in South Jersey, we start our decorative corn stalks right, choosing disease-resistant seeds and planting them in well-draining soil when the soil temperature is just right, 55-60 degrees fahrenheit, around mid to late June so you will have your cut and dried Halloween stalks just in time for October.