Parents, for the safety of your children, please make sure to keep them close by your side while spending time on the Farm.

Hill Creek Farms is a non-smoking, tobacco-free facility. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on our property, including ALL outside areas. This means – no cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, chewing tobacco, etc.

This is a working farm. The ground can be uneven. Depending on the weather, it may be dusty, muddy, slick, etc. Proper footwear is important. Sunscreen is always recommended, as are close-toed shoes.

This is private property; all grounds, buildings, and roads are open only during our posted hours.

No hiking, running, biking, – this is for your safety! There is much traffic on the farm, including farm vehicles, during business hours, and the property, including grounds and roads, are closed all other times.

No outside alcohol is permitted. No personal grilling or open flames are permitted at any time.

We love dogs too. However, No pets allowed on the Farm for their safety.


You must check in with Hill Creek staff BEFORE beginning to pick. Not all areas of the orchard may be open to the public each day. We’ll give you picking instructions, let you know what and where to pick, and let you know everything you’ll need to know for the day!

Please respect our private property, and only pick in areas that are open. Not all fruit is ripe at the same time! This ensures you will go home with the best!

For safety, climbing of trees, fences, or on our patio wall is not permitted. Stay seated on any tractor, wagon, or train rides.

Help us keep our orchard clean and safe. Please do not discard unwanted fruit on the ground, instead, we ask that you bring that piece of fruit back to the bakery so we can utilize in some other marketable fashion. We will give your family a return basket for those unwanted apples. For us, every piece of fruit represents 12 months of cultivation, so before you drop it on the ground, bring it back to us, we will make something with it. Not only that, we have completed our 3rd successful season without anyone being stung by a bee! Keeping our orchards free of dropped apples is the number one reason for that.

Please report to Hill Creek Farms staff any activity that goes against our policies, which help us keep the orchard clean, safe and enjoyable for all!

Agritourism activities held within New Jersey provides protection to farmers for allowing public to come to farms. At HCF, your safety is always paramount, please report any safety concerns to Managers and being a part of our prevention efforts